Announcing GOinfluencer as the 1st RocketX Labs Incubator Project

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2 min readNov 27, 2021

We are absolutely delighted to announce GOinfluencer ($GOIN) as the 1st project under RocketX Labs Incubator/LaunchPad

About GOinfluencer:

GOinfluencer makes running an influencer marketing campaigns as easy as running a google/fb ad campaign, with just a few clicks. Here is a short video explainer:

Backed by: Ferrum Advisory Services, Grizzly Capital, BlockPact Capital, SWGI, Synapse Network, RikX Capital, memPool Ventures


Launchpad 1: Synapse Network
Launchpad 2: RocketX labs
Launchpad 3: Yet to be confirmed

Please find more details about the project here & tokenomics here.

Below are the super bullish $GOIN tokenomics:

Eligibility criteria to get allocation in $GOIN public sale:

RocketX Labs managed to get a small allocation in an over subscribed $GOIN public sale. Below are the pre-requisites to be eligible to participate in the $GOIN publicsale:

  • Those who STAKED 10K or above $RVF already can provide their tx hash as reference while filling google form which wil be shared later on.
  • Those who didnt stake 10K et need to STAKE 10K $RVF on BSC using this link starting from 1-Dec till 10-Dec with a lock period of 90 days & earn 8% APY
  • Sign Up & Complete KYC on once the Log In/Sign Up is enabled on the website (please stay tuned for announcement channel)
  • Fill the google form (to be updated soon) with your email id with which you completed KYC, wallet address using which you staked 10K $RVF and the tx hash of the staked transaction.

Based on the number of people willing to participate in the public sale, the available allocation of ~$35K will be equally distributed to each of the participants. We will share the further steps later on.

Note: Beware of scammers. We will never DM you for funds!



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