Tweet 2 Earn with RocketX Exchange

We are pleased to announce that we are launching “Tweet 2 Earn” with RocketX Exchange where every week (monday-sunday) starting from 11-Apr-22 till 24-Apr-22, we will be giving away $300 worth $BUSD to top 5 tweets that gets most engagement.

3 simple steps to be eligible for the rewards

  1. Follow our Twitter and re-tweet pinned post about “Tweet 2 Earn”.
  2. Look for your favourite influencer to post about a token as shown below:

3. “Quote tweet” the influencer’s tweet and quote in your own words like below and include below mentioned # tags:

You are free to tweet about RocketX Exchange in your own style as well, but do remember to mention the below details in the tweet:

  • Saved amount in $
  • The screenshot of the token from with rates from both CEX & DEX as shown below
  • #SaveMoreWithRocketX (without this # tag, you will not be eligible for rewards as we use this for searching the tweets)
  • Tag the project and their token along with $RVF #CeDeFi #BTC #ETH

At the end of the week, 5 different winners will be selected whose “Quote Tweets” has the most engagement, based on (no. of likes + retweets).

The total prize pool ($300) will be shared between top 5 places:

  • 1st place: 100$
  • 2nd place: 50$
  • 3rd place: 50$
  • 4th place: 50$
  • 5th place: 50$

We will reach out to you on the twitter via DM for the BEP20 address to send the rewards with in 3 days after the end of the week.

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