Turning on the Ignition! Rocket Vault’s (RVF) Token Bridge & Deflationary Mechanism.

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2 min readAug 7, 2021


We at Rocket Vault, are continously striving to simplify crypto trading & value investing to drive the mass adoption of Crypto— this time with a desirable twist! While we continue to work hard to bring new products and more use cases for improving the Rocket Vault (RVF) token utility, we recently launched RVF token on Polygon to start with, that helps in reducing gas fees and having more liquidity across more exchanges.

We are absolutely thrilled to announce that $RVF token is now a deflationary starting from 14 UTC on 10-Aug-2021!

Here is a how-to video on moving tokens between Polygon and Ethereum:


Here is the ferrum token bridge link for $RVF:


Introducing the Rocket Vault (RVF) Ethereum-Polygon bridge

As we continue to bring on more users, investors and partners to our Rocket Vault ecosystem, we do listen and acknowledge our community’s feedback — liquidity, high (and often unpredictable) gas fees and long transaction wait times during peak blockchain loads. We are delighted to announce that we launched RVF on Polygon and DFYN DEX. The Polygon blockchain offers several advantages to its users — improved scalability, Interoperability with other Matic sidechains and very low gas (transaction fees) to begin with, which addresses most of the issues faced due to Ethereum network congestion.

We are very pleased to announce that Rocket Vault shall be one of the early adopters of Ferrum’s Token Bridge. We shall first be implementing the ETH-Polygon bridge that would enable users to transfer RVF tokens seamlessly between the two networks. Thus, Rocket Vault users can transfer and then trade RVF tokens in the Polygon blockchain.

$RVF token deflationary mechanism and other advantages

The Rocket Vault (RVF) ETH-Polygon bridge opens up endless possibilities and trade related use cases for our RVF token.

With RocketX, once can save on tx fee by holding RVF tokens. RocketX wold be the first global liquidity aggregator that supports cross chain. Users can hold RVF on Polygon chain and save on tx fee.

We are also excited to announce that $RVF token adopts a a deflationary mechanism with the launch of token bridge — A 2% fee applies for using token bridge and some % of the fees goes to Ferrum towards service fee and remaining 100% of the fees generated by token bridge will be used to burn $RVF, creating more value to the Rocket Vault ecosystem by gradually reducing circulating and total supply of RVF tokens.

Next Steps

We urge our Rocket Vault community to tune in to our updates on Telegram and Twitter as we bring you more up to date news on the bridge implementation — exact dates will be announced soon!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RocketVault_

Telegram: https://t.me/rocketvault



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