Token Sale (SEED/PRIVATE) Contribution — Step-by-step guidelines

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3 min readApr 3, 2021


Note: This is applicable only for the “eligible whitelist” addresses that is mentioned in the official telegram chat

  1. Go to and sign up with your email id.

- Please read the “Token Sale” terms & conditions and accept the same and enter OTP received in your email to procced to contribute in token sale.

-Please avoid using “Hotmail” ids as we noticed some users are facing issues with receiving OTPs

2. Click on “Token Sale” and click on “Connect Wallet”. This is the same address in which you receive the RVF tokens as per vesting schedule.

3. Currently ONLY Metamask wallet is supported. IF your wallet address is not whitelisted, you see below message and “Contribute” button will be disabled:

4. Ensure you have enough USDT in your wallet to contribute. You may choose if you want to contribute 250 USDT in each of SEED and PRIVATE round or contribute only to 1 of the rounds with min. 100 USDT and max. 250 USDT. Please check the vesting schedule of each of the rounds on website:

5. Choose the round you want to contribute from dropdown:

6. If you wish to contribute in SEED round, choose it and fill the amount you want to contribute:

Click on “Contribute” and authorize the transaction in metamask. Please ensure to cross check the contribution address mentioned in email along with OTP with the address mentioned in metamask screen before approving it.

Once you approve the transaction, you can see the link to transaction on etherscan to check the status. You will also be able to see the transaction details below the “Contribute” button for reference at any point of time.

7. If you want to proceed with contribution towards PRIVATE round, please select from dropdown and proceed in similar way as described above:

You should be able to see ALL transactions displayed under the “Contribute” button for future reference.



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