The Dawn of RocketX — Skyscanner for Crypto

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3 min readJul 4, 2021


We are absolutely delighted to announce the dawn of 2 more exciting products from the house of Rocket Vault ($RVF).

RocketX — The Global Liquidity Aggregator Protocol — Trade ANY token listed on ANY exchange with out the need to register with ANY exchange! FIRST in the sapce to simplify Cross Chain Swaps & Token Bridges.

Best rates | Cross-chain | Non-custodial |Slippage Protection

We at Rocket Vault are continuously striving to simplify crypto trading for the end user and the above 2 products are a step in that direction with enhanced token utility for $RVF.

RocketX helps users to trade ANY token listed on ANY exchange globally without the need to have multiple accounts with multiple exchanges! It is the first exchange that provides access to the global liquidity from all the CEX and DEX with just a click of a button, while allowing the user to have complete control of tokens!

We do all the complex tasks of integrating with every CEX and DEX out there to let the user enjoy the best possible rates. RocketX will be the first exchange that would support cross chain exchange of token from ANY chain to ANY chain & slippage protection!

We are simplifying the way one trades in crypto with user experience at the center of it. RocketX is Freedom to the crypto users:

  • Best rates guaranteed by leveraging the order books from multiple CEX
  • No need to open multiple accounts with multiple exchanges anymore
  • No need to toggle between multiple chains any more. FIRST to support Cross Chain Swaps & Token Bridges.
  • No need to give up the control of your private keys anymore
  • Is your exchange under maintenance? You can still trade your fav. token via RocketX
  • No need to transfer tokens from your wallet to exchange for trading and transfer back again to your wallet. RocketX allows you to trade directly from the comfort of your favorite wallet.

While “RocketX” would be made available for retail users with a really simplified UX, “RocketX — Global Liquidity Plug-in” would be made available for Institutions in the form of an Enterprise Widget.

RocketX — Global Liquidity Plug-in:

Global liquidity plug-in would be available in the form of an Enterprise Widget which acts as a gateway to provide access to global crypto assets to Financial institutions, Governments & Businesses with a click of a button. The plug-in bridges the gap between the traditional financial markets and crypto markets across the globe!

RocketX referral program:

We will have an exciting referral program in place that is fully automated and transparent, where the users can refer their friends and family to RocketX and earn 50% of the transaction fee as referral bonus.

$RVF Token Utility & Launch Date:

While we strive to provide the users with lowest possible transaction fee, the user can avail further discount on the transaction fee by holding $RVF tokens. Users will also be able to do swaps using the application with 0 tx fee by holding $RVF. The different $RVF slabs with discount % will be shared closer to the beta release, which is planned for Nov-2021.

Adopting a deflationary model for $RVF:

We would be announcing a burn mechanism for $RVF soon that would utilize a portion of the revenue generated by the platform to buy tokens from the market and burn on a regular basis.

$RVF Token Utility & Launch Date:

Institutions & businesses can access the most reliable and accurate Price Oracles via APIs by paying a subscription fee. They can avail great discounts by staking $RVF. They can also avail the APIs for 0 cost by staking $RVF. The different $RVF staking slabs with discount % will be shared closer to the beta release, which is planned for Q2 2022.



RocketX Exchange

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