Swap 2 ANY Wallet step-by-step guide

We are pleased to share that now using RocketX.exchange one can swap ANY token on ANY chain to “ANY Wallet” address in One-click!

Swap to ANY Wallet via RocketX.exchange

Below are multiple use cases of Swap 2 ANY wallet:

Gift in Crypto Assets

  • IF you have $ETH & you want to gift $DOGE to your loved ones, now you can do in 1-click

Salary payments in Crypto

  • Once we support partner APIs, you will be able to do salary payments to your employees in Crypto in 1 click. Imagine you have BTC/ETH and you would like to make payment in USDT/USDC.

Below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to RocketX.exchange app
  2. Select the From network, From Token, To network & To token based on the Swap operation you want to perform
  3. Ensure you route the Swap via “CEX” & click on “Edit” icon on the recipient address (IF you route via DEX, you will not be able to edit the recipient address):

4. In the “Recipient Address” pop-up, enter the address to which you would like to send the tokens & click on “Save”. Please ensure that you enter the address which is able to receive tokens in the “To Network” selected.

5. Finally click on “Swap” and Voila! It’s done!

6. You can also check the status of the Swap by clicking on “History” icon next to Settings icon on the widget top-right corner. You will be able to see the “Initial tx”-”Final tx”-”Status” as below:

About RocketX Exchange

RocketX Exchange ($RVF) is the most advanced CEX & DEX aggregator that makes it easy to trade ANY token on ANY chain with best rates from across exchanges.

We fetch rates from 150+ exchanges (both CEX & DEX) to give the best of both the world’s to our users.

We simplify Multi-Chain trading with access to 20+ leading networks (soon) via single intuitive UI. We support Swaps of Cross-Chain Native Assets with “One-Click” at fraction of cost compared to others.

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RocketX Exchange

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