RocketX Monthly Updates— January 2022

Summary — January has been an excellent start to the year 2022 for RocketX with amazing updates and announcements. From announcing partnerships with eCash, NEAR and EasyFi to working on WalletConnect support, it has been a busy yet exciting month for us here at RocketX.

Announcing WalletConnect support

Our technical team has worked relentlessly to support WalletConnect mobile support in the month of January and we have successfully done so. Another big announcement is that, users can now trade 350+ tokens on RocketX with full Binance integration. This has set forth RocketX on a new journey.

RocketX Labs x Ritestream

  • RocketX labs is a first of its kind decentralized incubator for crypto projects in the DeFi and Blockchain space which is by the community and for the community that was introduced in November.
  • A team of research analysts and the RocketX community members together scout the upcoming projects at an early stage and present the projects to $RVF token holders.
  • This way, $RVF holders would be able to be early investors in promising projects through public or private token sale.
  • The participant will need to hold a minimum of 10,000 $RVF tokens to be eligible to contribute to the projects of their choice.
  • In January, we participated in a Private sale and invested in ‘RiteStream’ as a community backed VC.

Strengthening Partner Ecosystem Furthermore

  • RocketX continues to grow its partner ecosystem. In December, RocketX partnered with eCash ($XEC) and gained attention through PR.
  • RocketX has also partnered with NEAR ($NEAR). Through simple, secure, and scalable technology, NEAR empowers millions to invent and explore new experiences.

Other updates

The way forward

An exciting roadmap for 2022 has been announced with integrations and developments specifications. Going forward, RocketX will be aggregating more CEX like FTX, KuCoin etc and DEX like 1inch protocol, Paraswap etc. We want to be the go-to platform for crypto trading for institutions and crypto enthusiasts.

At RocketX, we are on a mission to simplify crypto trading!

Use RocketX for trading your tokens and see the difference!

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