RocketX Monthly Report: December 2021

RocketX has bid goodbye to 2021 with amazing updates in the month of December. From integration of #Chainlink price feeds to inviting new partners into the partnership ecosystem of RocketX, December has been a busy yet exciting month for us here at RocketX.

Integration of Chainlink Price Feeds –

We have successfully integrated Chainlink Price Feeds for reliable and secure #BTC pricing for the cross-chain swaps and cross-chain token transfers. This integration helps RocketX ensure that we provide the most accurate rates as a platform.

RocketX Labs on a sprint –

  • RocketX labs is a first of its kind decentralized incubator for crypto projects in the DeFi and Blockchain space which is by the community and for the community that was introduced in November.
  • A team of research analysts and the RocketX community members together scout the upcoming projects at an early stage and present the projects to $RVF token holders.
  • This way, $RVF holders would be able to be early investors in promising projects through public or private token sale.
  • The participant will need to hold a minimum of 10,000 $RVF tokens to be eligible to contribute to the projects of their choice.
  • We have announced our first project this month from RocketX labs which is “GOinfluencer” ($GOIN) in the month of November.
  • In December, we have invested in two projects as a community. We have managed to invest a total of USD 170,000 in the Presale 3 of ‘5ire chain’ and we have welcomed ‘5ire’ as a partner for RocketX Labs. ‘5ire’ is about to launch and soon, we will be able to support 5ire tokens on RocketX for trading at best rates. This would be possible once we integrate other DEX platforms, and our development team is working towards it.
  • As a community backed VC, we have also participated in Presale 2 round of ‘Satoshi City’ and have invested USD 100,000. We have also welcomed Satoshi city into our growing partner ecosystem.

Strengthening partner ecosystem furthermore –

  • RocketX continues to grow its partner ecosystem. In December, RocketX has partnered with ‘Blockpad’, a multichain DeFi gateway for the Web 3.0 ecosystem.
  • RocketX Labs has also partnered with ‘Satoshi City’ and ‘5ire chain’ to extend support to both the projects in the long run.
  • Our Growth Lead Akhil Jonnavithula has held AMA session with 5ire chain and RocketX has also hosted an AMA session with representatives from 5ire.
  • RocketX has also partnered with SupraOracles in the month of December. SupraOracles can now have secure and fast access to liquidity from multiple exchanges in one platform.
  • We have announced a partnership with ‘LGCY Network’. RocketX will support LGCY network to help drive mass adoption.

Other updates (Just in case if you missed) –

  • RocketX’s security audit has been cleared. The audit was carried out from one of the leading cyber security firms in APAC #Niiconsulting. The platform is running smoothly with no major issues.
  • The much-awaited Incubator page on the website has been taken live with the community investing in 3 projects already!
  • We have announced Metamask mobile support so that you can swap-on-the-go!
  • On 24th December, ‘$RVF burn’ event has taken place and we have successfully burnt 100k $RVF tokens — 100% fee from the Ferrum Network token bridge. This is the first of the many token burns to follow!

The way forward –

An exciting roadmap for 2022 has been announced with integrations and developments specifications. Going forward, RocketX will be aggregating more CEX like FTX, Bitmart, KuCoin etc and DEX like 1inch protocol, Paraswap etc. We want to be the go-to platform for crypto trading for institutions and crypto enthusiasts.

At RocketX, we are on a mission to simplify crypto trading and value investing!

Use RocketX for trading your tokens and see the difference.




RocketX aggregates both the Centralised & Decentralised Crypto exchanges to help users with the best rates for ANY token across exchanges.

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RocketX Exchange

RocketX Exchange

RocketX aggregates both the Centralised & Decentralised Crypto exchanges to help users with the best rates for ANY token across exchanges.

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