Rocket Vault x Ferrum Network: BSC Staking Details

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3 min readOct 4, 2021


Rocket Vault is pleased to be launching a RVF only staking & liquidity staking event in partnership with the Ferrum Network on the Binance Smart Chain Network on 5th Oct 2021 at 15 UTC.

$RVF only and $RVF-$USDT liquidity staking have several unique features which allow for early withdrawals, forfeited/redistributed rewards, and additional rewards for full maturity. Following are some the key features of the staking event:

Limited Time to Contribute

There are 10 days that are opened for staking. Thus, you can only contribute for a limited amount of time because once the staking pools are opened. After the said time expires or the Contract reaches maximum capacity, contributions are closed permanently. You can check the progress bar anytime to know how much of the contract has been filled.

Full Maturity

You will be assigned a date and time which indicates how long you need to stake to attain maturity and obtain maximum rewards. The lockup period is 45 days and the full maturity time period is 90 days.

Early Withdrawal

$RVF staking also allows you to withdraw your funds before the date of maturity. You will be assigned a date and time which marks when you can withdraw early.

Rewards are significantly lower if you withdraw early, but it increases if you stake till maturity. Meaning, if you withdraw early, but at a time closer to the maturity date, your rewards will still be at 20% APY for RVF-USDT liquidity (and 10% APY for $RVF only staking).

Un-staking between 45–89 days yields 20% APY. Un-staking after 90 days yields 70+% APY for RVF-USDT liquidity staking (and 40% APY for $RVF only staking).

Forfeited and Redistributed Rewards

The staking pools also place a predetermined amount of $RVF into every pool before they go live. If contributors leave the pool, the total size of the pool doesn’t shrink, and hence the contributor just receives less rewards compared to others in the pool.

Thus, you can earn more than just the maximum APR, if you are the longest staker, because you will also be earning a share of the rewards that were ditched by stakes who leave early.

The key metrics are summarized below:

$RVF-$USDT Staking:

  1. Days open for stake: 10 days starting from 5-Oct-2021 15 UTC
  2. Lock up: 45 days
  3. Maturity: 90 days
  4. Un-stake between 45–89 days: 20% APY
  5. Un-stake after 90 days & beyond: 70+% APY

$RVF only Staking:

  1. Days open for stake: 10 days starting from 5-Oct-2021 15 UTC
  2. Lock up: 45 days
  3. Maturity: 90 days
  4. Un-stake between 45–89 days: 10% APY
  5. Un-stake after 90 days & beyond: 40% APY

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