Rocket Vault Monthly Report -May 2021


May was an exciting month for Rocket Vault. We forged new partnerships, completed our platform’s security audit and of course, engaged with our community! Here’s a snapshot of our activities for May 2021.

Smart Vault Public Beta Launch

We launched our much anticipated Smart Vault on May 15, 2021. Both RVF token staking and USDT vaults went live. The KYC portal was opened on May 12 to give Rocket Vault users time to verify their accounts to unlock larger Smart Vault deposit limits. As of time of writing this article, over $428,000 worth USDT was deposited and 2.95 Million RVF tokens are staked in our Smart Vault. Our launch received media coverage from the likes of and Coin Quora.


  1. Bridge Mutual: Our partnership with Bridge Mutual will enable our platform users with add-on coverage for their tokens deposited in the Smart Vault and will also enable the community to contribute to Rocket Vault Coverage Pool and earn rewards.
  2. UnoRe: Our partnership with UnoRe saw Rocket Vault being added as an innovator on UnoRe’s platform. Rocket Vault users will now get an opportunity to opt for add-on insurance coverage to protect their staked/deposited tokens in Rocket Vault from different untoward events. This partnership was also highlighted by reputed news outlets like, CryptoDiffer, DeFi News and Altcoin Alerts.


Finally, we kicked off a string of weekly Ask Me Anything (AMAs), starting with CryptoTodayNetwork and CryptoInfinity. AMAs give us unique opportunities to reach out to various communities and connect with new users on Telegram. Prizes are also given to users who ask the best questions and we’ve also started having quizzes to test their knowledge about Rocket Vault. We look forward to meeting new users and engaging with various regional communities as well.

Finally, a BIG Thank You to all our loyal Community members, users and investors! We look forward to working hard, taking your feedback and continuing to enhance our product.



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