Rocket Vault Monthly Report — August 2021

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3 min readSep 4, 2021



August was yet another exciting month for the Rocket Vault & Rocket X. We forged partnerships, interacted with several communities and also kick started a few unique staking/farming programs on multiple blockchains. Here’s a snapshot of our activities in August.

Smart Vault (and the crypto market) takes off!

Our Smart Vault picked up with the tremendously booming cryptocurrency market and the USDT APY went over 30%. This is still the best in the industry!

RVF Token Bridge, VaaS and a brand new website!

While our developers continued to work hard on our RocketX product, we also announced the deflationary mechanism of our RVF token via the token bridge. Our RVF token may become a scarce asset soon!

We also announced our Vault as a Service offering, expected to rollout sometime in September. This will be available to institutions and shall benefit the entire Rocket Vault ecosystem.

Finally, we revamped our website to reflect our latest product offerings. Do check it out here!


  1. Dfyn: Our RVF token went live on Dfyn DEX on the polygon network with an RVF-ETH pair. We also partnered with Dfyn to present dual farming opportunities for our community users.
  2. UniLend Finance: We partnered with Unilend — a partnership that enabled our Rocket Vault community to lend $RVF to the lending pool and earn amazing rewards in $RVF tokens!
  3. Starship: We partnered with StarShip which will see StarShip would integrating RocketX’s Partner APIs/Enterprise Global Liquidity Plug-in into their wallet application to avail access to global crypto assets liquidity across exchanges at a single click.
  4. Cryption Network: We partnered with Cryption Network — another partnership that will see Cryption’s PolyDEX integrated into RocketX’s Partner APIs/Enterprise Global Liquidity Plug-in to allow access to global crypto assets liquidity across exchanges at a single click.
  5. UniDex: We entered into a strategic partnership with UniDex, who would integrate RocketX’s Partner APIs/Enterprise Global Liquidity Plug-in to avail access to global crypto assets liquidity across exchanges at a single click.


  1. Beyond FOMO: Vikram Rajan, our operations head had a great interview with Jason from Beyond FOMO. Check it out here!
  2. MEME Competition: We started a MEME competition on Twitter that had a tremendous response from our loyal community. Take a peek at our winners here!
  3. AMAs: We had several AMAs with our partners — UnoRe, StarShip, UniLend, UniDex. Interacting with communities is a unique learning experience that always makes us stronger!

After wrapping up an exciting August, we look forward to more activities in the coming months. Stay tunes to our social media channels and join the ride — this is one rocket you don’t want to miss!

About Rocket Vault

Rocket Vault is a one-stop solution to simplify crypto trading & value investing.

It’s Smart Vault is powered by advanced predictive analytics and machine learning to maximize gains and minimize risks. Rocket Vault uses advanced Machine Learning Pattern Recognition techniques to identify tokens with high potential for delivering the highest APY.

RocketX helps users to trade ANY token listed on ANY exchange globally without registering with ANY exchange! It is the FIRST exchange to break the boundaries between different chains and support single click Cross-Chain Swaps, while allowing the user to have complete ownership of tokens.

We are adopting a collaborative approach in creating a partner ecosystem to achieve this goal.

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