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2 min readJul 10, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the Rocket Vault ambassador program! Now our strong community can contribute to the growth of our Partner ecosystem and lead from the front, while earning attractive rewards in $RVF for contributing to the growth of the project.

Rocket Vault has recently announced the launch of 2 products to Simplify Crypto and drive mass adoption:

RocketX — The Global Liquidity Aggregator Protocol

Rocket Link — Price Oracles for linking Smart Contracts with external world’s price data.

We at Rocket Vault are continuously striving to simplify crypto trading for the end user and the above 2 products are a step in that direction with enhanced token utility for $RVF. Read more details here.

We are adopting a collaborative approach with RocketX and Rocket Link, where we partner with other projects where synergies exists and support them and their community with:

  • Access to Global Liquidity at a single click with our Global Liquidity Plugin
  • Access to most reliable and accurate price oracles with easy to consume APIs

This opens up immense opportunities to collaborate with almost every project out there and build an ecosystem to simplify Crypto Trading & Value Investing to drive mass adoption of crypto.

Ambassador Program:

Here is a big shout out to all the Rocket Vault Rangers to reach out to your favourite Projects and help in establishing a partnership with Rocket Vault and win $100 worth $RVF tokens for every successful partnership on the date of the announcement of the partnership for the 1st 5 projects in a month and $200 worth $RVF tokens for the next 5 projects in a month. Effectively, you can earn upto $1500 worth $RVF tokens in a month on 10 successful partnerships with Projects.

Request all those who are interested to take part in the ambassador program to join the RocketVault Ambassador’s telegram group via the invitation link:, where you find the necessary information to reach out to the Projects to help establish a partnership.

Looking forward to interacting with the Ambassadors and taking Rocket Vault to the next level.

Note: The rewards are applicable for Projects ranking below #1500 on CoinGecko at the time of announcement, else lesser rewards apply. The rewards are subject to change without prior notice.

Ambassador’s telegram group invitation link:



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