How to use Trust Wallet via WalletConnect on

RocketX Exchange
2 min readJan 12, 2022


  1. Go to and click on “Connect Wallet” & choose “Wallet Connect”

2. In “Desktop” version below QR code pops up:

Ensure you use “Multicoin Wallet” in Trust Wallet and under settings, use “WalletConnect” to scan the QR code:

3. In “Mobile” version, below option pops up:

Just click on “Connect” and choose “Trust Wallet” option in your mobile.

4. Click on “Multi-Coin Wallet” and choose the network you want to connect:

After choosing the network, click on “Connect”

5. Trust Wallet will be connected and in app, the wallet will be connected and the balances will be reflected as shown below:

6. Initiate the transaction and approve the transaction in Trust Wallet:

7. Visit the app and see that the transaction is in “Initiated” status in history, up on clicking on “Notificaiton/Bell” icon:

8. Wait for the transaction to be completed and “final tx” to be updated with status “Success”.



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