How to Transfer / Bridge $MATIC within BSC, Ethereum & Polygon Networks with Best Rates, Low Gas Fee & Min. Slippage

Move $MATIC between #Polygon, #BinanceSmartChain & #Ethereum Networks in 1-Click with #RocketX Bridge

With #RocketX ( $RVF ), you can trade your tokens with lower gas fee and with minimum slippage! For the very first time, you can do cross-chain swap with you tokens between different networks.

In this video, I will be showing you how to ‘transfer’ #MATIC:

🔷from Ethereum network to Polygon network

🔷BSC to Ethereum network and

🔷BSC to Polygon network.

Remember that you can also do the vice-versa.

At RocketX, we are on a mission to simplify crypto trading and value investing. Very soon, we will be able to support more networks and we will be integrating more CEX and DEXs too! Trade your tokens at best rates.

RocketX — Crypto trading simplified!

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