How-to guide to migrate to RVF V2

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3 min readMar 19, 2024
  • If you are holding $RVF on MEXC, then there is no action required.
  • If you are holding $RVF on polygon network, you need to bridge them to the ETH network via the native Polygon POS bridge & then migrate to RVF V2 using the steps mentioned below
  • If you are holding RVF on ETH or BSC network, here is a step-by-step guide to migrate from RVF V1 to RVF V2:
  1. Go to and click on “MIGRATE RVF” menu

2. opens in a new window. Click on the network you hold RVF V1:

3. CLick on “Connect Wallet” & select from 380+ available wallets:

4. For ETH Network, it automatically populates the amount based on the snapshot of RVF V1 taken on 2nd June as mentioned in this tweet:

For BSC, you need to enter the amount manually as shown below:

5. Enter the amount (DO NOT enter any decimals) and click on MIGRATE:


Approve the gas fee twice for “Approve” & “Migrate” steps:

Enter the custom spend amount in the wallet, click “NEXT” & approve by paying gas fee:

6. Import the token contract into the wallet to see the token balance. The $ value will be reflected once the token is verified by etherscan & bscscan respectively.

$RVF V2 Token Contract Address on #ETH network: 0x2fb652314C3d850E9049057bBE9813F1eEe882d3

$RVF V2 Token Contract Address on #BSC network: 0x267E0C7456dF5254492127eA7b2e14e556B492B8


  • In case of any migration issue, try entering the amount manually & only 2 digits after decimal.
  • If the issue still exists, contact chat support (right-hand side bottom section) via the below URL:

Thank you!



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