How-to do Liquidity Staking on Polygon and earn upto 70% APY!

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3 min readAug 21, 2021

We are delighted to announce Liquidity Staking on Polygon using Ferrum Staking-as-a-Service where users can earn up to 70% APY by staking $RVF-ETH liquidity pool tokens on Dfyn on Polygon. Read more details here.

Here is a step by step guide on how-to do liquidity staking on Polygon:

  1. Add liquidity on Dfyn exchange for RVF-ETH pair by going to the link:

Click on “Add Liquidity” button:

Select ETH and RVF tokens from dropdown:

IF RVF is not available in dropdown, add the token contract “0x2ce13e4199443fdfff531abb30c9b6594446bbc7”

Enter the amount of ETH you want to add and it will automatically show the RVF you need and vicebersa. Once you finalize the tokens to be added to liquidity, click on “Approve”.

You will be able to see the no. of LP tokens:

2. Go to Ferrum Staking portal by clicking on below link:

You can see the no. of LP tokens you will be able to stake:

You can also see the staking details and the earliest day you can withdraw once you stake:

3. Enter the “Amount to Stake” and click “Submit Stake” and confirm the transaction on your wallet. You can see the success cofirmaiton:

4. Go back to see the staked LP tokens reflected:

You can stake anyday ONLY in the next 10 days! IF you want to unstake, you can do ONLY after 45 days on 15-Oct-2021.

Happy farming :)

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