How to Buy YFI Token at Low Fees & Best Rates on RocketX Exchange vs Orion Protocol

RocketX is revolutionizing the way users can trade their tokens & is setting remarkable benchmarks by making it easier for the users to trade the tokens at better rates and also with minimum slippage when compared to its competitors.

In today’s video, let’s compare RocketX with Orion Protocol Terminal by swapping stable coins like USDC / USDT with #YFI tokens on the Ethereum network. A detailed overview of how to perform swap operation with your tokens on RocketX will be demonstrated and after that, we will be comparing it with Orion Terminal and look at the gas fee, platform fee or transaction charges that these platforms are charging for this particular swap operation.

We have seen how to transfer USDC from #Ethereum network to $YFI on the Ethereum network using RocketX. Where RocketX vividly makes a difference is the overall fee and gas fee that users will end up paying. It is way lesser when compared to its competitors. In addition to that, users are getting ~ same number of YFI tokens on RocketX when compared to Orion Terminal as you can see in the video. This makes RocketX a clear winner when it comes to performing swap operations with your stable coins like USDC/USDT.

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